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Presented by Kings Stagelighters


For Seniors that have been involved in Kings Theatre Program

The Kings Stagelighters is a non-profit parent booster group that supports the theatre program of Kings Local schools.  The $1,000 scholarship was established to encourage and applaud students that have given their time and talents to help grow the Kings program.  The scholarship has been named to honor the life of a young Kings student that loved the performing arts.  Eligible candidates are planning to attend a 2 or 4 year college program.  Candidates do not need to major in the field of performing arts apply for this scholarship.


Application can be found on Naviance, or through the high school guidance office.



2022: Amanda Woosley

2021: Abby MacNeil

2020: Grant Shields

2019: Amy Helms

2018: Addie Collins

2017: Morgan Reece

2016: Grant Abbott

2015: Leah Ball

2014: Stephanie Bennett 

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